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What We’ve Worked On

Solar Panels

Ground Mount

Unlike most other technologies, ground mount solar installations (often known as “solar farms”) are quiet, produce no emissions, and do not increase road traffic. Instead, they quietly go about generating energy for years to come, helping to power our homes and businesses while providing a steady income for the landowner. Solar technology provides a clean, sustainable energy solution that complements other land uses.


For rooftop solar, the lucrative ownership, power purchase agreement or lease benefits make a wise investment of an otherwise unused space.  We also take care of the roof maintenance associated with your system for the term of the lease. A solar lease is a transferable asset, so it boosts your financial profile in the event you sell the property or pass it through to your estate.

Installing Solar Panels
Solar Panel Roof


Carports help you monetize your parking lots, garages, or playgrounds with a commercial solar canopy that reduces operating expenses and provides shade! Clients become excited about carports because they have been able to monetize parking areas for energy production while providing safer, sheltered places for employees and visitors to park.

Summary of Carport Benefits
• Provides vehicle protection during inclement weather
• Reduces snow removal costs, thereby saving money,

• Increases life of parking area reducing facility expenses,
• Provides “preferred spots” for employees or patrons,
• Adds covered outdoor space for special events providing a flexible use of outdoor space,
• Increases safety on otherwise treacherous pavement.

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